About Analogues, publisher for contemporary art

Analogues, publisher for contemporary art, came into being in 2004. Its publications are independently conceived to meet the real needs of artists, authors, venues and readers. Above all, it is not the intent of Analogues to involve the work either in deterministic paths or in intimist concerns. The challenge of each title is to be engaged in public existence without becoming detached from the work’s empiricism, and find the right balance between what is given and what is received.

Analogues favours access to art through ways  that are at times the least direct, to reach the work in its follies and in its details, and approach thoughts developed around art, be they historical, philosophical or pragmatic. Artists, works and authors all cross paths in their singular ways. The initiatives and skills of people involved in art and publishing meet here to respond to the scope, ambiguity and aims of an art work.

In working with professionals connected with the French art scene, Analogues offers the possibility of extensions to research undertaken by artists in their studios and in exhibition venues, by art critics and art historians in their area of reflection, and by curators and directors within their institutions. Through their daily contact with works, these interlocutors are the special ferrymen of an art history in the making.