Subscription : Brigitte Bauer, Haus Hof Land

Three photographs by Brigitte Bauer are available to subscribers to her new book Haus Hof Land.

72 pages, size 21 x 21 cm, softbound with flaps, to be released in July 2017.

Thirty years ago, I left my first country to come to live in France. Once or twice a year I return to Germany, to Bavaria or somewhere else in the country. The places of my childhood and adolescence change, or are altered a little, the links with my family and friends expand at times then tighten again. The book D’Allemagne, edited in 2003, already testified to this double belonging, showing intimacy and estrangement at the same time. Every time I go back, I photograph an ordinary existence which is no longer mine: places, houses, landscapes, animals, which I record without a fixed idea or a precise project. Over the years, in these shifts between familiarity and distance, a very particular relation to places, people and passing time has gradually accumulated. With Haus Hof Land, I thought of a children’s game, Stadt Land Fluss (city country river), and I adopted its idea by proposing a free and incomplete alphabet primer: the words are replaced by photographs, assembling and echoing each other in an infinite variety of possible readings.  Brigitte Bauer

Numbered and signed Lambda prints, edition of 30 copies.
Size 30 x 30 cm, framed in light oak.
3 prints to chose : A, B or C (in the order of appearance above)

oRder one print : 250 euros
oRder two prints : 450 euros
oRder three prints 600 euros
or download here the subscription form
Postal charges are included.

The framed prints will be sent to you upon receipt of your order.
A copy of the book dedicated by Brigitte Bauer will be offered to the subscribers immediately after publication in July, 2017.

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