Semaine 27.16 [digital]

Bertrand Gadenne, Fragments d’un paysage,
Pile Pont Expo – Espace d’art contemporain, Saint-Gervais les Bains

In the work Bertrand Gadenne has developed since the end of the 1970s, this artist presents photographic and video devices, inviting the visitor to confront luminous paintings, which are both strange and yet still very poetic. The patterns, which are often reminiscent of an animal and vegetal bestiary, are projected onto varied supports – empty shop windows, a monumental building façade, a simple sheet moved by a fan – and they call on the spectator through their mysterious presence, their almost unnoticeable movement, but also their often unreasonable scale. For Saint-Gervais, the artist has captured the geographic framework of the place, situated at the foot of Mont-Blanc and he has created “Fragments d’un paysage”. In this installation, made up of four projections accompanied by an environment of sound, the artist calls on elements taken from the landscape, and relevant to mountain territory – the mountain, forest, animal and waterfall. The visitor, plunged into darkness, is invited to (re)discover to a marked degree, the atypical space that is Pile-Pont Expo. Like an extra, he will more or less participate in the staging that Bertrand Gadenne is trying to set up. Since it is only about projections, nothing exists in this totally immaterial space; but, watched by a majestic stag, perhaps he will nevertheless catch a glimpse of Mont-Blanc? Unless a storm stops him…

Semaine n°404, revue hebdomadaire pour l’art contemporain
Author : Bertrand Gadenne
Published on Friday08.07.2016

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