Semaine 25.16

Boch, Callot, Favier, Limone, Mazabraud, Moninot, Pincemin, Rousseau, Soulhiol, Torres
Galerie de l’Etrave, Espace d’art contemporain, Thonon-les-Bains

The Chapelle de la Visitation’s contemporary art activity has been transfered in the Galerie de l’Etrave, which is located in the Maurice Novarina Theatre. This relocation, which will last for two years, is the consequence of the building work undertaken by the cultural branch of the Visitation, which will have an impact on all the activities that take place there. The town of Thonon therefore asked Philippe Piguet, who has been exhibition curator at the Chapelle de la Visitation since 2008, to imagine a cycle of 4 exhibitions based on a general theme which would act as an echo to the Theatre, a place dedicated to performing arts. Represented by the expression “worlds apart” and illustrated by an ensemble of three monographic exhibitions and one group exhibition, the choice of this theme stems from the feeling that the place evokes with regards to a different space, away from all exterior circulation, hidden within the Theatre. A separate space.

Semaine n°403, revue hebdomadaire pour l’art contemporain
Author : Philippe Piguet.
Published on Friday 24.06.2016

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Also available in Semaine volume XX, September-December 2016, 18€.

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