La cellule

Author : Marie de Brugerolle.
Technical details 

: 19 x 26 cm, 100 pages, softback + leporello.
Languages : French – English.
Graphc design : Fanette Mellier.
March 2016.
Isbn : 978-2-35864-086-2.
Public price : 22€.


La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) is an entity formed by two individuals. Two artists, Stéphanie Sagot et Emmanuelle Becquemin explore desire in the context of our post industrial, post human society, between globalisation and sustainable development, in this “glocalisation” that produces new objects, new temptations and new perversions. Infiltrating a number of territories, Stéphanie Sagot et Emmanuelle Becquemin “re-enchant” a world that, for them, is only the decor for a party on infinite loop.
La cellule (Becquemin & Sagot), a false couple of fraternal twins that play at being copies of the real, stringing along the shams and the frauds. They use the operating modes of art and its tiny world to travel, hijacking the usual codes and making art there where we would never expect to find it. Making us see something from a new angle, which is what seduction really means. Veering away from, and changing the route that has been planned, sidestepping it to consider at the world in a critical manner. Beyond jouissance, far from instant gratification, their artworks are bones coated in marshmallow.
[Marie de Brugerolle, excerpt]

With the support of Région Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyérénées, Chapelle Saint-Jacques centre d’art contemporain, Caza d’Oro, musée Calbet, Alliance française de Rio, Alexander and Olga Kamenets – Cultural fund of Alexander and Olga Kamenets –, Philippe Faur.

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