Album, Françoise et Dominique Dupuy

Technical details 

: 20 x 26 cm, 192 pages, soft cover.
Authors : N+N Corsino, Eugenia Casini Ropa.
Published in October 2017.
Isbn : 978-2-35864-102-9.
Public price : 28€.


Even in images, this is far from a life story.
There are dates, that’s true, but not in order.
A journey, true, but in fragments, the works coming together in a blinding overview of time.
A dislocation, giving rise to a kind of dance of images. Only the dancers, and their profound silence, shot in the moment as if caught in the act, or at moments of pause, like a studied portrait.
Words come, not to take the lead, but to follow; not an explanation but rather a record.
Perhaps they have nothing to impose, and it’s better this way.
Images and words which appear to say, simply:
“You were dancing – I’m so glad. Now, let’s dance.”

Françoise et Dominique Dupuy


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