Semaine 47.16

Variables Aléatoires
Hôtel des arts, Toulon
École supérieure d’art et de design
Toulon Provence Méditerranée

This exhibition is placed under the auspices of chance and randomness. The notion of chance gave birth to fertile investigations throughout the 20th century as the work of Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and George Brecht attests. The idea of chance is far from being exhausted in emerging practices. This exhibition is thus born of an observation: the recurrence of works based on protocols that play with the notion of chance at different stages of creation in the work of thirteen young artists trained at Ésadtpm: Melissa Bénachour, Nicolas Boulet, Jules Bousquet, Sarah Cardona, Cyril Dallest, Benoît Deschamps, Vanessa Di Cianni, Océane Fillion, Caroline Mary, Virginie Sanna, Alexandra Villani, Caroline Viquanault, Charlotte Wodciechowski. Audrey Illouz, invited curator

Semaine n°408, revue hebdomadaire pour l’art contemporain
Author : Audrey Illouz
Published on Friday 25.11.2016

Paper edition, 32 pages, 8 € ORDER
Digital edition, 1,99 € oRDER
Also available in Semaine volume XX, September-December 2016, 18€.

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